Monday, November 23, 2009

Kaia on the move

Busy Toddler...packing everything around the farmhouse.
Dad assists in centering the landing on the mini wooden
chairs (from Jen and Stef's Cabbage Patch Dolls).
Kaia brushing her teeth...all 8, now 9 of them!
Already a gingerbread fan...
not to mention shooting hoops
(note the Coug ball and backboard!)
A little bath time after all that work.
She was pretty darn busy moving, climbing,
packing, chattering...and rested just a bit.
Jen, Tim and Kaia helped with the G-Boys this year.
These are the leftover decorated trees.
Mom and Kaia get ready for the trip back to
Spokane...note the pigtails!
She is always in motion. Check out the sturdy
lollipop shoes...she likes to hear herself walk
on the hardwood floors.
Some of my SPL buddies (volunteers & friends)
at our SEAFOOD Buffet on 11-17-09.

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