Monday, November 23, 2009

Kaia on the move

Busy Toddler...packing everything around the farmhouse.
Dad assists in centering the landing on the mini wooden
chairs (from Jen and Stef's Cabbage Patch Dolls).
Kaia brushing her teeth...all 8, now 9 of them!
Already a gingerbread fan...
not to mention shooting hoops
(note the Coug ball and backboard!)
A little bath time after all that work.
She was pretty darn busy moving, climbing,
packing, chattering...and rested just a bit.
Jen, Tim and Kaia helped with the G-Boys this year.
These are the leftover decorated trees.
Mom and Kaia get ready for the trip back to
Spokane...note the pigtails!
She is always in motion. Check out the sturdy
lollipop shoes...she likes to hear herself walk
on the hardwood floors.
Some of my SPL buddies (volunteers & friends)
at our SEAFOOD Buffet on 11-17-09.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What a week...

I watched Kaia while Tim and Jen were out of town for work.
She wanted to watch this DVD, but Grandma C couldn't figure
out how to work the DVD player. We were headed to Daycare...
These are the ladies that worked so hard in the kitchen
for the meal following Laurie Z's wonderful service.
The only table left was the short preschool one...
What a great picture of Laurie and Steve last year at Las Vegas.
She was determined to be there. Love and miss her...

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Visit to Seattle...

10-19-09 Puget Sound and a morning walk on the
beach with Stef and City Grandma.
The autumn colors were amazing against the gray and dew.
Of course Stef needed to collect some shells and treasures.
And she convinced City Grandma to assist.
City Gramps and Stef before he headed for physical therapy.
The best part of the Seahawk game...
And the THUNDER!
A warm afternoon--with Stef, Dad,Stef and Mom,
And Stef and City Grandma...
(Gramps watched from home!)
An awesome display of fall colors in Mom's back yard.
Family and friends for dinner at Newport Bay--
Grandma, Stef and Gramps.
Sid, Keri and Barb
shared some laughs and stories with us.
We were so glad Stef was able to fly into
Seattle and join us.
One of Mollie's gorgeous quilts
at the Washington State Quilters Show in Spokane.
One of my favorites--colors, design,
and a bit of randomness.
Mollie's Winter Quilt
Candy's quilting is incredible...
Another of Candy's original designs.
Halloween colors at the Hullabaloo

Quilt Show sponsored by my Whitman Sampler Buddies.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Party Girl turns 1

Kaia gets ready for her special birthday cake
made by Grandma D
and loves the frosting!
Kaia tries out her new pony...Rody!
Lots of bouncing for all her guests...
Showing off her new toys and tricks.
She likes making noise with her new "popper"
and trying on her sunbonnet from G-G.
As Annie and Lola watch...
along with Chelsea, Cory, Maile, Kim and Olivia...
and Grandpa Tim, Kelly, G-G and Shaun.
Kaia amazed us standing by herself...then taking a few steps...
and entertaining all of us!
She checks out the fun toys
while her buddy Olivia in a pink party hat
and her Daddy watch.
Kaia snuggles a bit with Hailey while Mom and Dad share a hug in the kitchen.
G-G and Kaia enjoy a bit of sunshine and pumpkins.

Great-Grandpa and Kaia share a Chicka-Chicka Boom-Boom

story after a nap and before the party.